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Why Choose Us ?

Why Choose Us

Undeniably, PPC is an essential part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). This online advertising model helps drive traffic to a website through ads that usually appear with search engine results. These Ads are created on the basis of specific target keywords which you pay for only when they are clicked on by your users hence Pay Per Click (PPC). Now, are you still struggling to get a return on investment out of your PPC campaign? You are not alone. Most people use PPC for generating website traffic but fail to realize that it has more intricate details which are crucial for effective PPC management and maximization of return on investment (ROI).

We want you to have the best PPC success possible. Here is how PPC Experts guarantees you success:

Perfect Keywords

Two thirds of big companies have shifted over to online advertising and have made it part and parcel of their overall advertising plans. Internet marketing is currently on a global reach and is still expected to grow inexpensively and quickly. The truth is that keyword selection can make or break your Google AdWords campaign. One of our greatest goals at PPC Experts is finding purified positive keywords for the success of your PPC campaign. Equally, we understand that negative keywords also play a critical role for PPC success. We’ll help you identify the exact keywords your ideal customers need to type in search bars to find you. We do it all for you!

Great Landing Page

At PPC Experts, we turn your landing page into a lead capture page. However, PPC marketing can be very expensive when you fail to capture all the data from available leads. Having got through your first hurdle, you’ll need your visitors to purchase your product, service or act in any way useful to you.

We can help by:

Adopting structured approaches to optimization
Implementing best practices in relation to how your landing page should tie in well with your PPC campaign
Implementing incremental improvements that have a positive impact on your return on investment
Developing informed hypotheses and testing them to identify approaches that yield best results.
Developing persons that guide you through the requirements of different audiences

Relevant and Impactful Ad Copy

Your Ad Copy is very vital in attracting ideal customers and hopefully getting your very first phone calls or clicks. At PPC Experts, we create excellent Ad Copy for you! Google’s AdWords and Microsoft’s AdCenter (Bing and Yahoo) mass up about 95% of all searches. We’ll get you to the top of all these search engine giants. Importantly, the headline of your Ad Copy should be catchy to help your Ad stand from the pack. Where necessary, we use Dynamic Keyword Insertion within your Ad headlines to make them appear in the most relevant places.

Finally, a great way of capturing attention is to pique customer curiosity by asking an intriguing question. For instance, instead of just saying “Sydney mechanic”, try “Need a Sydney mechanic?” This alone makes a great difference. Let us help you get listed where you belong as you watch your profits soar! We are not just a PPC agency but a PPC Certified with considerable knowledge and experience gained across different sectors. Whether you feel that your current campaigns could perform better or just starting out from scratch, we are here to help. When you trust us, we take it to ourselves to hassle out of PPC management for the best returns ever for you!

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