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Search Engine Marketing

A search engine paid marketing better known as Pay-Per-Click is today’s most popular method of attracting targeted visitors to your website and converts them into buyers. Here, the marketer pays for the online published ads solely base on the qualifying clicks. However, you only pay once a user clicks on your ads or visits your landing page or website.

Steps to start Campaign  :

  • Determine your goal(s) : The first step is identifying your goals. Decide whether your objective is to boost sales, brand awareness, or just to increase your subscribers. Whatever you goals, it is very important that you understand these before you begin, otherwise you may find yourself on the wrong side when it’s already too late. You may consider finding an expert such as PPC Experts to help determine your campaign objectives.
  • Define a budget : How much do you intend to spend? Define you budget in advance because, as an advertiser, you will need to make payments on the basis of the chosen search terms and number of clicks.
  • Make a list of keywords : The most critical requirement for any business looking to attain PPC campaign goals is choosing the right keywords. Only appropriate keywords can successfully promote your business and see it through a successful PPC campaign.
  • Finalize keywords : Choose targeted search terms using different keyword tools like Wordtracker and Google Keywords tool. Alternatively, you can hire a specialized company such as PPC Experts to handle your tasks in the most professional way.
  • Bid on the right keywords : Begin by bidding on the search terms that effectively describe your business, products and services to generate a great return on investment and get high conversions. Use separate search terms for different adverts in case there are multiple search terms related to the Pay per Click management project. This will help you ensure you get higher conversions and more clicks.
  • Create attention-grabbing headlines for your campaigns : Even if your search terms have a really good ranking, you may end up not attracting the required number of visitors if your adverts are not appealing.


  • Create attractive ad copies : For your PPC campaign to be successful, your ad copies must be appealing and very attractive so as to encourage your viewers or prospective customers to purchase your items. In fact, compelling ad copies are a must for the success of any PPC campaign. Let PPC Experts walk you through the process if you need help.
  • Create landing pages : Create a unique landing page that has a great call to action feature so that your visitor gets to directly view the product or service you want to sell.
  • Optimize PPC campaign regularly : Most online businesses need to give priority to higher conversion rates rather than higher click through rates (CTR). Therefore, optimize your ad copies along with your landing pages regularly. This will help you get better and higher conversion rates.
  • Hire professionals : For the success of your PPC campaign, you may really need to find a professional and skilled team to give you a boost. PPC Experts has a team of dedicated campaign managers who will help you launch, monitor as well as control your PPC campaigns effectively.
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