Product Listing Ads

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Product Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads are a specific type of PPC ads that incorporates images, and can only be accessed by eCommerce sites whereby the purchase is carried out online. These Product Listing Ads are triggered by product related searches, and can be spotted on the top left hand side of paid search result pages.

Why use Product Listing Ads?

The advantage of Product Listing Ads is that you can use them alongside any other type of AdWords advertising which means that utilizing both standard texts and Product Listing Ads can take up large portions of paid search engine results than would otherwise be attainable. These PLAs can sometimes have very low Cost per Clicks because of a relatively low competition level, and result in low Cost per Conversion as a result. Traffic that is created by PLAs is quickly growing meaning it’s not something eCommerce sites can manage or afford to ignore if at all they need to remain competitive.

PLA Ad Spend Budget

Your product margin and how your competitive the industry is are both going to be key factors as far as setting your daily spending for any specific PLA campaign is concerned. Take note of whether you will encounter high competition and how much a sale on that specific product category is worth. Also set your daily spending budget with this in mind. In case the budget runs out amidst your PLA campaign, your items will no longer show in Product Listing Ads or even in Google Shopping results.

How does Google determine which PLAs to show?

Ideally, the major thing that influences which PLAs show is how well the details associated with them match user search queries. This is the reason why it is very important to employ a well managed and optimized product feed.

In addition to this information, Google also considers the following:


  • Bids : Be as competitive as you can but keep in mind your product conversion rate and margins in mind.
  • Quality of site : One of Google’s goals is to send their visitors to top quality websites and so if your websites is filled with think or purely duplicate content, your Product Listing Ads may fail to show, or may have very low visibility.
  • Product/Service performance history : This is ideally the progress/ performance of your Product Listing Ad’s historically. In case you have continuously poor performing Product Listing Ads, they are likely to result in reduced eligibility sometime in the future.

Apart from being the best for eCommerce websites, Product Listing Ads have some setbacks which you need to know especially if handled by an inexperienced person.

  • Websites that sell few items (less than 500) may find it very difficult to gain exposure
  • Highly competitive industries tend to incur high costs and may therefore not generate sufficient return on investment to justify ad outlay.
  • Websites with poor quality content
  • If your website tends to create numerous 404 pages, your ads may fail to show completely. Therefore, be sure to perform regular checks for the 404 pages and that they are redirected as required.

As soon as you have all the data that relates to your PLA performance, proceed to analyze the performance using Google Analytics to help gain insights on ways of improving your targeting. All these may sound very confusing especially if you are just beginning. If you ever need help, contact PPC Experts to help you handle your Product Listing Advertisements needs.


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