Outsource PPC Management

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Outsource PPC Management

At PPC Experts, we offer you an opportunity to get your PPC campaign organized by one of our specialists. Precisely, we work hand in hand with all our clients to make sure that they have the correct strategy in place for the best possible return on investment. We assign each and every client a dedicated account manager who optimizes your account on a daily basis and gives reports to you at the end of every month with a complete summary of the current and future developments. Additionally, PPC Experts Co. give you full access and control to your Analytics and PPC account back ends.

Outsource PPC Management

Outsourcing PPC management services from a reliable agency results in the following:

New Account Setup

If you are in need of a management agency for your existing PPC account or just beginning with a new account – our PPC management service will offer you the desired structure of your account for the best possible return on investment. Moreover, daily campaign testing and consistent manual bid management is the core of our PPC management process.

High Target Campaigns

PPC Experts starts the complete process for the existing accounts with a complete review of all account historical data based on traffic among other performance metrics. Next, we design your campaigns into specifically targeted Ad groups that depend on your products, services and business. This gives us an opportunity to apply a tailored bidding approach to the targeted Ad groups to assist you bid hassle free.

Sharp Research

Apart from depending on historical data, we construct in depth research for insights into your target niche. We then generate keyword strategies that focus on driving high quality traffic to your websites. To achieve this, we extend keywords through campaigns and incorporate them into the more targeted search terms. These in depth keywords together with a list of negative terms will increase the quality of your traffic and reduce your click costs to a minimum.

Creative Ads That Enhance CTR

Another essential component of our PPC management is the creation of targeted and relevant Ad creatives that help you gain different call to actions among other great offers of motivation. Application of multiple Ad creatives and comparing them gives us an opportunity to identify the best performing ad creatives and work against them to empower your click-through-rate (CTR).

Relevant Landing Pages

It is imperative that we lead your users to the most relevant landing pages. We do this by offering your visitors with the most desirable and sought after information that is based on their original search queries. In order to achieve that, we offer you optimization suggestions that are related to your website for fully targeted PPC-friendly landing pages. In turn, high relevance landing pages have great long-term effects on your total quality score.

Google Analytics & Conversion Tracking

We provide our clients with installation tips and Conversion Tracking advice to help you monitor the daily performance of your PPC campaigns. Also, this helps your account manager to remain dedicated and efficient as far as your account is concerned. In addition to Conversion Tracking, PPC Experts Co. fully sets up a Google Analytics account complete with both Goal and funnel Tracking as well as eCommerce, where applicable.

Are you a marketing agency looking to outsource your Middle East or Arabic PPC advertising? Are you a marketer looking to expand your online marketing efforts to the Middle East? Let PPC Experts Co. take on your Arabic pay per click campaign today!

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