International Marketing

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International Marketing

An international marketing process involves a five step process which advertisers have to incorporate as their integrated marketing efforts;

Analyzing international marketing opportunities

At PPC Experts, we begin by identifying under fulfilled or unfulfilled requirements that an advertiser may meet through its business, product or services. We perform this analysis by first seeking and analyzing information and performing market research (primary or secondary data collection and analysis). We involve your products and services in concept development and then find the needs in your niche that can be satisfied by these products and services. We then help you develop a suitable product or service to meet these unfulfilled needs.

Select the groups of potential international customers

Next, we locate your target market (people to whom you’ll sell your products or services). This is a very essential step that involves identification of potential customers, demand forecasting and measurement, market targeting, market positioning and segmentation. To segment, we involve the already identified groups of potential customers and align them to specific aspects of behavior and identity and separate them from others in the target population. This step is essential in helping us decide the major benefits in a product or service to be offered to the targeted customers and what factors make them different from the rest of the competition.

Adoption of appropriate business and marketing strategies

For a business to offer the best value to their potential customers, they need to adopt the right marketing strategies to help make their products and services salable and get in front of the competition. Most activities are to be performed in a company by many individuals and in various departments to best deliver and convey final products and services to its clients. This obliges aligning and facilitating various efforts and activities. In the meantime, to attain the best profits and value for the business and buyer, the business needs to optimize all its activities, resource allocation and the efforts undertaken. This requires the company to adopt coherent and suitable rationale or technique to regulate and control the alignment, coordination as well as optimization of its business and advertising effort.

Development of the international market mix, place, product and promotion

A marketing mix helps identify the four major areas for developing well coordinated strategies. To create strong marketing impacts, a business needs to create the right set of programs in these four major aspects of a company’s marketing program and make sure that they are in conformity with each other and the target market of the company’s brands

Management of the international marketing efforts

Development of a good marketing strategy is not enough in itself. A business also needs to manage its international marketing efforts effectively. Quite often companies fail no because they lack a viable marketing program but that they give up on their efforts to establish and properly implement their well designed plans. Companies also need proper analysis, planning, implementation and control of their advertising programs. Consult PPC Experts today on what you can do to take your business from its current position to the international marketplace –a place where most of us have an opportunity to reach.

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