Google Adwords Ads

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Google Adwords Ads

AdWords is Google’s online advertising program that helps you reach new and ideal customers to boost sales and attain business growth. With this program, you select locations on your website where you want the Ads to display. You also need to set your budget, one you are comfortable with, to help measure the impact of your ads. There is no minimum spending commitment and you can opt out any time. So reach potential customers as they search for phrases or search terms (also known as keywords) or surf websites with themes similar to your business. Moreover, your ads can be displayed on Google as well as its partner websites. Cost-Per-Click (CPC) bidding charges you only when a visitor clicks on your Ads.

Benefits of advertising with Google AdWords

There are numerous advantages that come with Google’s AdWords. Also this program presents you with essential things that other forms of advertising don’t. By using AdWords, you can:

Reach potential customers at the time they’re looking for what you offer

  • Your Ads are mostly displayed to people who are already looking for the kinds of products or services you offer. This means those people are more likely to convert to customers.
  • You have the final say when it comes to where you want your Ads to appear –on which particular websites and in which areas, towns, states, or even neighborhoods.


Control your budget

  • AdWords lets you choose how much or how little you want to spend daily or monthly, and you will never be charged an extra penny.
  • For Cost-Per-Click bidding, you are charged once a user clicks on your ads and not when they appear.
  • There are just as many bidding options as you can imagine

See exactly what’s working in your ad, and build on it

  • Google AdWords allows you to view a report about the progress of your ads. This helps you to connect with your potential customers from your ads, there locations, and much more.
  • AdWords comes with tools that can be used to edit your ads, boost the number of visitors coming to your website and those who contact your company.


  • Example

Say, if you own a garage in Boston you will need to set your ads to appear to your customers in Boston so that when a someone visiting or living their searches Google for terms such as “Boston mechanic” or affordable mechanic Boston”, they could see your advert and click it. That way, they connect to your business, brand or service. Starting with Google AdWords is simple. Moreover, you can decide to pause, stop or even opt out. There are basically no strings attached.

We have years of experience setting up as well as optimizing AdWords campaigns for eCommerce purposes, local businesses and national lead generation clients. The great thing about Pay-Per-Click advertising is that you have access to your numbers and the data never lies. Therefore, whether you want a boost on the sales volume, a lower CPA or addition of new AdWords capabilities to your marketing programs, PPC Expert is ready to help.

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