Facebook Ads

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Facebook Ads

Ads on Facebook are unique because they are shown to particular groups of highly engaged people on mobile and desktop. When your ads are more targeted and offer creative and unique content, they receive more likes, shares and comments. When an individual performs any of these actions, their friends and friends of friends may see your ad, therefore making it more powerful. When you expand your audience or boost your Page for your ads, more people see your ads whenever they visit Facebook.

PPC Experts is here for you. We’ll guide you throughout the entire process from creation of adverts to achieving real results. Whether you need to connect with more users through your Page, finding the most ideal customers for your apps, or increasing your sales and traffic to your website, we do it all. PPC Experts offers you professionally managed and monitored Facebook ad campaigns for you company, brand, page, website or service. Below are some of the benefits of Facebook ad campaigns.


  1. Build a Facebook Page

  2. Connect to your fans with ads

  3. Engage your fans with great content on your Page

  4. Influence the friends of your fans

  • Upload a unique photo and use make your logo your profile picture.
  • Create posts so that people see them as recent activity when they visit your Page.
  • Like your page and share it with your family and friends.
  • Create multiple adverts to assists you in building an audience for your Page.
  • Use targeting options available to specific people you may want t reach.
  • See what versions of adverts work best.
  • Create a new post to your Facebook Page at least once per week.
  • Pin your most essential posts to the top of your Facebook Page.
  • Share exclusive news, ask questions and respond to people’s posts or comments whenever they share on your Page.
  • Encourage participation in events, check-ins and create offers to encourage more activity on your Facebook Page.
  • When visitors interact with your Page content, their friends and friends of friends encourage more activity and engagement on your Page.
  • When people perform actions such as liking, commenting or sharing your Page, you can easily promote the activities to their friends.

Page post engagement

Create ads that enhance sharing and increases comments, likes, video plays and photo views.

Page likes

Create page ads to help you build a wide customer base and audience directly on Facebook page.

Clicks to website

Create ads direct people to your blog or website if they need more information regarding your products or services.

Website conversions

Create ads specially designed for promote certain actions for visitors to take on your website.

App engagement

Create ads that focus more on the activity of your apps.

Offer claims

Create ads to help promote your special offers.

Target your Facebook ads by:

  • Age, location & gender
  • Online spending
  • Relationship Status
  • Home type
  • Income / net worth
  • Business and industry
  • Fields of study / Degree
  • Travel Methods
  • Hobbies and activities
  • Shopping behavior
  • Specific page likes

Are you struggling with your Facebook or any other social media marketing programs? Why not give us a call to day to help you achieve your results. Our team has dedicated and result oriented staff so you have the confident to step back and watch as your profits begin to rise.

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