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Ecommerce Tools

Ecommerce tools help businesses engage in compelling, individual and ongoing dialogues with their customers. These tools provide these capabilities thus allowing business users to control and manage all targeted promotions, catalog content and marketing across mobile, web, contact center and point of sale touch points. By incorporating eCommerce tools into advertising and precision marketing environments, business users no longer need to rely on IT to boost their promotions, catalog modifications and marketing campaigns. Below are tools to help you improve the performance of your website to its maximum potential.

Here are 10 of our favorite eCommerce tools:

Google Analytics :

This is the first tool that virtually every business should exploit on their website. Though there are several obvious features of using Analytics on your site, there are some capabilities that are very essential especially for those who engage with eCommerce. For instance, identifying where your business could be struggling by finding out conversion funnels using Analytics as well as creating events helps you identify the best performing channels.

MailChimp :

This is the king of email marketing. This is very essential especially when email is the most preferred method of communication among your consumers.

Google AdWords :

Though search may not always offer the highest conversion rates, it is still the best method of acquiring traffic and sales promotion. Remember to have a strategy that is focused on your overall company objectives.

Topsy :

This tool offers a wide array of essential features that include identification of influencers, trends of particular keywords, and with a little savvy, the capability to analyze competitor performance on the social platform.

ZenDesk :

Any business is worthless without its customers. Therefore, the overall goal should be keeping the m satisfied and happy at all times. Resolve any issues they could be having. It may be difficult in real life but this tool lets you handle all these even when you have a tight budget that cannot support full time customer support over the phone.

Lucky Orange :

In some cases Google Analytics alone is not enough. Moreover, most small and medium sized businesses cannot afford top-shelf analytic packages. That’s the point where Lucky Orange steps in the way to help. It offers affordable analytic solutions several capabilities that you may not receive from Analytics such as user “heat maps”, visitor recordings and form analytics. It is a must have for all businesses that want to have better insights into the interactions of visitors with their website.

Wibiya :

This is one of the unheard of tools. Despite this, it is very beneficial to any business that engages in eCommerce. Wibiya places a bar at the bottom of the browser regardless of the site visitor. This site owner has the ability to customize it. Moreover, it offers the ability to boost sales promotions, enhance you content marketing efforts, increase attention specific to your social profiles by improving traffic numbers to your website, and offer exposure to international visitors by providing an alternative to translate your site.

This list is just a speck of the eCommerce tools out there. At PPC Experts, we understand and have experience using these and many other eCommerce tools. Contact us today if you need help with these or any other tool that you may have come across in the course of your eCommerce business day.

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